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Burden by guilt

This is a book, rich in hard-won wisdom, that one will often want to re-read. While those of us with more pedestrian minds and tastes were reading Conan Doyle, Poe and H.

Scruton is a deep thinker

When he goes to Eastern Europe he is thrown out of Czechoslovakia and trailed by the secret police in Poland. Roger Scruton is one of the few who puts his liberty to use, which of course has done his academic career no good at all.

The evolution of his thinking is brought to life in a series of wonderfully described scenes. In his case this is a virtue.

Just so, you sigh, and social climbing is a veritable ascension unto heaven. Thoughts from a Life by Roger Scruton. It is interesting, in light of what he later became, that he did not have a privileged upbringing, but grew up in a working-class home, with a socialist father.

His book is nevertheless remarkable. Scruton recalls how, that same day, academics elsewhere in the university were conferring an honorary degree on Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe. Or, as he puts it with his usual percussive clarity, how he came to find comfort in uncomfortable truths.

With vigor and panache, Scruton conflates the day-to-day rendering of his life with a probing examination of faith, immortality, and the truth. But it was during the Paris uprising of May that Scrutonian conservatism was born, amidst the chaos of rebellion and in its aftermath.

Scruton is a deep thinker, and whether one agrees with him on every point of view, he is still well able to cause the reader to think deeply also. Burden by guilt, he does not seek excuse. Scruton has shown himself to be a first rate philosopher who has determined that the truth of human reality is found in the conflation of reason and revelation.

Or there is Scruton as editor of the Salisbury Review, a publication more attentively read by dissidents in communist countries than in Britain. Love him or hate him, he will engage you in an argument that is both intellectually stimulating and informed by humour. The charm of Scruton's memoirs is that he doesn't boast about himself, but allows the reader to see him warts and all. On social terrain his footing is far less sure. Lorem About Gentle Regrets Roger Scruton is Britain's best known intellectual dissident, who has defended English traditions and English identity against an official culture of denigration.