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Postmodernism is a recent movement in humanities, philosophy, arts and social sciences. However, postmodernism is not another humanism. Consequently, it historicism neglects spatiality. Moreover, gender differences are human creations.

Although it is difficult to define postmodernism Dear usefully classified postmodernism into three components, i postmodern style, ii post modern method, and iii a postmodern epoch. Deconstruction is essentially a destabilizing method, throwing into doubt the authority claims of preceding traditions, and seeking to praise loose alternative readings of texts. This results into subordination of space to time that obscures geographical interpretation of the changeability of social world.

Thus, it resulted to a remarkable return to areal differentiation. Events follow one another in time in an inherently dramatic fashion that makes juxtaposition in time easier to convey through the written word than juxtaposition in space. The problem of synchronicity has long been recognized by geographers. These paths are succession of situations traced by individuals flowing through a constellation of accessible stations, e. With groundbreaking essays from an international team of highly-regarded scholars, Geographies of Modernism is an important step forward in literary and cultural studies.

Events follow one another in timeThus it resulted

But it is a return with a difference. The paradigms like environmental determinism, possibilism, positivism, structuralism, behaviouralism, humanism and system approach have been rejected by those who believed in postmodernism.

Postmodernism has, however, a wide range of explicit and implicit meanings and its core is hard to identify. The general editor has done a masterful job in putting together a critical and archival taxonomy that gives intelligible proportions to a complex and wide-ranging field of inquiry. The postmodern geographers argued that powerful groups within societies have imposed their interpretations of landscape and nature.