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Gotta Keep on Tryin' by Virginia DeBerry download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The road to happiness for the gang is long. Things are going well, but real-life dramas ensue as each must face issues from the past in order to protect the future. The past monitors the present and future and if mishandled it can lead to dire circumstances for everyone.

This story and the characters portrayed can emulate ourselves or people we know. Plus she carries a secret that can be detrimental to her life. Meanwhile, Pat and Marcus seem like an A-list couple, but the reality is sadder, with the two too busy moving and shaking to realize how lonely they are. She's self-assured, no-nonsense, independent, carries everyone else's burdens and doesn't realize that her husband is more than just a man for her primitive needs.

Spanning a few years, the novel starts with a shock for Marcus when year-old Tiffani shows up wanting to meet her daddy. She's sworn herself off men but recognizes attractive men and understands she's missing companionship in her life. She's pushing through to support herself as well as her daughter whose very unappreciative.

And when things get rough the bond between women can be stronger than any trials we face. She gets carried away with things she sees as more important than valuing what's right in front of her. There was a problem adding your email address.

But they reunited as adults, drawn back together by a bond of friendship that stood the test of time. The value of the friendship is what makes the friendship worth having. His marriage feels more like a hobby than the loving relationship it once was. She's push True friendship has its uphill battles just like relationships. She has a real-life lesson taught to her that brings her to understand that life can be beautiful or really ugly.

He's being sneaked by larger agencies stealing his clients and as fast as the money comes in, it's going right back out. She has her own demons but no one took the time to realize how life affected her while she was growing up. Even within her weaknesses, she's a strong woman. But behind closed doors their marriage is challenged by the stresses of a two-entrepreneur household.

She gets carried away with thingsAnd when things get rough the