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Some of the characters, incidents and objects I have included I encountered whilst filming All in the Best Possible Taste. My beloved teddy bear Alan Measles was my substitute dad. The large woven tapestry bears hundreds of brand names surrounding large figures in the stages of life from birth to death.

My beloved teddy

That's how I want to keep it. View more Covered with sgraffito drawings, handwritten and stencilled texts, photographic transfers and rich glazes, Perry's detailed pots are deeply alluring. My stepdad was an angry guy and Mother was a hysterical narcissist.

He returned to his mother and stepfather at Great Bardfield. Politics, consumerism, history and art history are bound up in the work, in both subject and medium. When he was discovered by his father he said he would stop but his stepmother told everyone about it and a few months later threw him out. At the time, he was appearing in performance pieces and art films and nursing his own aspirations as a filmmaker. In his work Perry reflects upon his upbringing as a boy, his stepfather's anger and the absence of proper guidance about male conduct.

Some of the characters incidents and

Philippa is so clear-eyed. Mother had an affair with the milkman, who later became my stepdad and my father left.

The documentary won a Royal Television Society award for best network production. In Perry mounted a solo exhibition at the Tate St. For all I know people will put all my work in a skip the next day.