Gta San Andreas Save Files

Begin to drop satchel charges everywhere, and make sure you pack them dense. However, paramedic may take too long, and is easy to fail, pimping may not give you enough money, and you have no ammo with which to complete vigilante. Following this array of structures there is a collection of byte flags which are related to high-number player Stats.

The best and safest way to get a whole team of S. So the basic principle involved here is knocking a Hydra out of the sky, and pushing it to a garage. The second can be used as a ramp. After Grove Street, after you crash through the fence near the docks, turn left instead of right.

Simply enter one, and hope you don't get bombed before you can lift off. This will aid both getting out and getting back in safely, as cops will spawn at a distance, where the pedestrians spawn, and you have plenty of time to get out and pull out your guns.

Question Gta San Andreas random freezes. May also be worth noting that San Andreas isn't installed to my C drive. After flying off the border for a while, farmscapes online no the entire San Andreas map will become revealed.

My answer is simple - No, it will not. You should stand right next to the driver's door, and do this process as soon as he gets out. Get there the same way as above, except on one of the said days this time. Turn left into the carpark and take the winding road to the top. The Kick Start spawns every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays.

Game Complete Save File

Complete a degree horizontal loop, and continue in the direction you were going. Allows editing of any save data directly in the hex editor. The best place, as recommended by Magritte, is the cul-de-sac where the Loco Low Co. Your flying skill will go up, and after a long while it will say that you now have a pilots license. Secondly, if you're in a plane, a Hydra with heat seeking missiles will come after you.

Another reason people create these files is because it will prove you are capable of accomplishing this awesome challenge. The files with the extension. If you're going along the northern runway, you will see a Shamal Lear Jet spawn to your right. The key to surviving in forbidden territory is to know how to keep yourself going. This type of gap can also occur in the middle of a structure.

Do it in a place where pedestrians don't usually spawn. You can download it or view the documentation online. Quickly whip out the minigun and slaughter anyone still on their feet. Just cause massive fight scenes, killing cops and gangsters, who will drop a whole ton of ammo. It's on my secondary hard drive Edit Also, just noticed that my save game still exists on the original.

Saves (GTA SA)

GTA SA Savegames

This guide and all the information contained in it is protected by international copyright law. Once out of the alley with the stairs, look to your left to see some stairs leading up onto a platform. Simply stop and it will swerve to the side to brake, and you can continue your journey. Now head back, and continue circling above Los Santos. Hence, I was not fussed about dying or getting busted because I would not lose my weapons.

GTA San Andrea s save game location

Now you will need to drive to a suitable location to do these missions. Upon entering an ambulance, a minor part of your health is restored. If you stop in a crowded place, or if there are cops nearby, they will simply hit your car with bullets. You will most likely be much more advanced at playing than when you were when you began, thus making this challenge times easier. No cops or fussy wanted levels.

Saves (GTA SA)

Let's look at them one by one. Exit the station and get back on your bike. If you have to leave your vehicle, don't do it in a crowded place. You will pass a wire fence, then an opening in the fences and then drive along a concrete fence with telegraph poles along it. Anyhow, head north until you are under a bridge.

This can be a bit frustrating at times, because opponents will strategise against you, and while some will try to grab the targets before you do, others will intentionally ram you off the road. Drive to the other end of the complex, going in between the containers, and you will see some stairs leading into an office to your right. Although, I do appreciate everyone's emails, whether it's suggestions, criticisms, praise or just plain trolling! Instead, head off to the local fire station, and borrow their fire truck.

Climb onto the building, and run to the other end of the roof to get a Sawn-Off shotgun. For most of the high-up ones, the bunny-hopping glitch can be used.

Two camera ammo pick-ups should provide you with enough ammo to get all of them. What you have to do is, remember no cheating! If you have a wanted level, you should have plenty of time to drive to the Well-Stacked Pizza Co.

The enex path may be longer on modified saves. Secondly, keep a few files saved as backups. New enex connections can be added to the save after the save is created if temporary burglary connections are not present indoor or isolated saves.

GTA San Andrea s save game location

If there are some left, pull out the minigun and tear them to pieces. This block contains information about map zones in three arrays. Previous Next Sort by votes. In busier parts of the city, where pedestrians spawn on more than one side of the street or near intersetions, the police will start spawning randomly and come at you from all directions.

The Freeway bike is very slow at accelerating, and going reverse is slower than walking. Redo this mission later for a chance to get some classy vehicles. You should be heading to the train station. Pushing a plane through a city, constantly getting bombarded with police and S.

Must have been typing late at night, I guess. So you will need a lot of patience! Get yourself a full set of tattoos just for the hell of it. Armed law enforcement on the ground won't hesitate to shoot at you.

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There is a soda vending machine nearby if you need some health, and some armor in a corner near the train tracks, over the fence from the vending machine and at the end of the platforms. Pass the Sweeper to your left, and continue along the road to take the first right turn. Drive straight until the road ends, then turn left and head into the airport. With enough skill, I would greatly recommend the bike over a car of any kind, as the bike can dodge police cars much easier.

The problem is that once you use your ammo, it's not that easy to get more of it. There are three races altogether.