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Axford Heritage Planning offers a wide

Axford Heritage Planning offers a wide range of expertise to guide clients through the minefield of rules and requirements when pursuing the necessary consents. In the town-planning relation the plan assumed to develop the planning structure of the city, mapped out by the Master plan adjusted for actuals of the city development.

Principles and Process provides a comprehensive overview of heritage planning as an area of professional practice. Shchuko, were its members.

In the townplanning relation

The transition has affected the practice of heritage planning and is important for those in the field. Boldyrev was at the head of the Master plan workshop, G. Babenkov - the workshop of the Southeastern sector, A. The idea of construction of a high-class encircling highway along the periphery of the city became absolutely new. Dukelsky led the workshop of Moscow central part, A.

The Master plan, as well as the previous one, pointed out the necessity to form a protective green zone near the borders of the capital. Karkpov - the workshop of forest protecting strips, G. It is essential reading for both professionals that manage change within the built environment and students of heritage conservation and historic preservation. Evstratov - the workshop of Moscow Northeastern sector, D. Shkabatur - the engineering-transport workshop, M.