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There is no purpose that we do not ourselves decide upon. Anabaptist-Pietist, with Open and Exclusive streams.

That we look at

Suspect for sure, but enough of them that it does make one think. Portions of this translation survive, affording the main surviving text written in the Gothic language.

That at a funeral viewing

Traditionally ascribed to Wulfila, in reality the translation was performed by a group of scholars see above. Honestly, that would be a heavy perspective to have to bear.

The translation of the Bible into the Gothic language is thought to have been performed in Nicopolis ad Istrum in today's northern Bulgaria. You believe this based on evidence, but not on firsthand knowledge or on proof. That kind of faith I do not have.

But honestly, I think the best argument for a soul, that we are eternal beings, for the afterlife, is that we just know it. And we get to that point of faith based on evidence.

The two kinds of knowledge scientific vs. There is nothing we can know for sure i. It led to Anglo-Catholicism. This is how it is in science and everywhere else.

Neither one of us can prove our points, but we have faith in them based on how we interpret what we observe. Something that we have no evidence for whatsoever. Key doctrine of Anglican and Methodist churches, adopted by many Baptists and some Congregationalists. But I guess there are observable things that we will still conclude different things on. That a soul and a body are two different things.

That we look at the complexity of how we are made, how different we are from the rest of creation, and we reject the idea that there is no purpose for us beyond being worm food someday. That at a funeral viewing, we know that the corpse of the person we loved is not that person. That that person their soul and their physical body are two different things.