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Historical Dictionary of the Baha'i Faith by Hugh C. Adamson download in iPad, ePub, pdf

One obvious disadvantage in using this work is that the dictionary entries are apparently sorted by a computer program that takes into account punctuation and diacriticals. The Bahai religion has a short, but important history and learning it is necessary to understanding the Bahai worldview. This series is edited by Jon Woronoff, who edits a number of other series of historical dictionaries for Scarecrow. The dictionary is thus inadequate in conveying the full extent of basic concepts, and is missing other topics that should have been included.

Adamson and Hainsworth have given this difficult task a good effort, which must also have been under a serious time deadline. The lengthy bibliography focuses about half on authoritative texts, with other primary and secondary literature comprising the remaining half. One remaining observation that limits the usefulness of the work has to do with the structure of some of the articles.

Other volumes in the series, such as the one on Mormonism, included brief but helpful articles based on broad geographical areas - North America, Africa, Asia, Pacific, and so on. There is a relatively short article on E.

The authors are therefore mostly subject specialists, well-known in their particular field. The dictionaries themselves are intended to give relatively brief entries, although authors have leeway to make decisions about how much information should be included on each topic. The volumes in this series are less uniform than those in Scarecrow's country series, as many concepts require lengthy explanations. Nowhere in the prefatory material is there a clear indication of the criteria upon which the authors and publisher based their choice to include or exclude topics.

The Bahai religion has a shortOne obvious disadvantage in using

So while the author himself makes no claim to absolute accuracy in verifying dates, a researcher can be certain of the source from which the date was taken. As is often the case, the persecution has arisen from a combination of religious and social factors.