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He didn't follow the antiwestern policies

The formerly French and British regions each maintained substantial autonomy. Although Cameroon has made economic progress since independence, it has not been able to change the dependent nature of its economy. Although Ahidjo's rule was characterised as authoritarian, he was seen as noticeably lacking in charisma in comparison to many post-colonial African leaders. Biya won single-candidate elections in and when the country was again named the Republic of Cameroon. Much of the information is on the Internet although often in French.

Unfortunately many reasons led to

Ahidjo later regretted his choice of successors, but his supporters failed to overthrow Biya in a coup. The two disasters are the only recorded instances of limnic eruptions. German administrators were allowed to once again run the plantations of the southwestern coastal area. The concise, balanced, and clear descriptions are accurate and current.

Foncha became the prime minister of west Cameroon and vice president of the Federal Republic of Cameroon. The rebels took charge of the Yaounde airport, national radio station and announced the takeover of government.

Alle productspecificaties Samenvatting Cameroon is a country endowed with a variety of climates and agricultural environments, numerous minerals, substantial forests, and a dynamic population. Large numbers who return to their villages take up cocoa or other cultivation on their own account, thus increasing the general prosperity of the country. Ahidjo accepted the federation, thinking it was a step towards a unitary state. It took back its former status of associated territory as a member of the French Union. Buea became the capital of the now West Cameroon while Yaounde doubled as the federal capital and East Cameroon.

Unfortunately, many reasons led to its failure. He didn't follow the anti-western policies pursued by many of these leaders, which helped Cameroon achieve a degree of comparative political stability and economic growth. The pleibiscite was to choose between free association with an independent Nigerian state or re-unification with the independent Republic of Cameroun. However, the indigenous peoples proved reluctant to work on these projects, so the Germans instigated a harsh and unpopular system of forced labour. They attacked the presidency.