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While with Bristows he became the first serious pilot to demonstrate British planes overseas in Spain, Germany, Romania and Italy. At the sharp turn Pixton banked steeply. After the war he rejoined A. One by one Pixton ripped out the drawing pins which were his crude lap counter.

The aircraft a Sopwith Tabloid sank

Pixton's lap tirnes now began to rise a few seconds at a turn. After his win he was commissioned as a Captain in the R. Roe's friend and right hand man. The team pushed the aircraft over the edge. The Schneider Trophy As Pixton started to taxi, the aircraft promptly cartwheeled proving that the main float had been fitted too far aft.

The aircraft, a Sopwith Tabloid, sank, drifting upside-down out into midstream. Sopwith Tabloid Seaplane, Schneider Trophy, Some participants, disheartened by the Tabloid's apparent supremacy, had refused to start the race. For six agonising laps the drama went on. However, its take-off was smooth and swift compared with the sluggish performance of the French mono-planes. Under the rules, each competitor had to make two alightings and take-offs during the first lap though these could be in the nature of a landplane's circuits and bumps, without stopping.

At the announcement of its first lap time, the crowd whistled in amazement. Then the Gnome settled down on its eight good cylinders and the lap times improved again.

He died in and is buried at Jurby Churchyard. Sopwith Tabloid Seaplane, Schneider Trophy, The Sopwith biplane was obviously faster and more manoeuvrable then the monoplanes. Howard Pixton climbed into the cockpit and started the engine.

Sopwith Tabloid Seaplane Schneider Trophy