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Hush, Little Bird by Nicole Trope download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The courts and juries disagreed. Creating atmosphere took a long time.

Some get saved, and others lost.

Peeling off the layers of hurt that have been built over many years in the women's lives, took the reader along on the journey of guilt, fear, shame, self blame, anger, sorrow, hurt and humiliation. Some want to deny, others want to be heard and a few want to lash out. One of them was waiting for the moment to meet the other after many years. Some prefer to fight and others take flight. To be able to walk free from The Farm, they had to confront themselves and tell the truth.

Both insisted that

As the drama unfolds, the self discovery and release of emotions lead to a moment of ultimate confrontation that finally allows the truth to burst out into the open. Both insisted that it was an accident. Touching, stirring, disturbing, atmospheric, arresting.

As the drama

It is a book written for women. It is not a male-bashing book at all. Adding yet another character with yet another approach to the theme, would not have been too much.