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Myanmar was to

Myanmar was to show that it had no bias towards the Socialist camp despite its close relations with Communist China. As a result of mutual understanding and accommodation a tentative agreement on the settlement of the boundary question was reached, although concrete details remained to be discussed.

While these issues were at the top of its agenda, the Myanmar government was shrewd enough to bring China, along with India, to inaugurate the so-called Bandung Era. Myanmar has constantly repositioned her relations with China to her best advantage. It decided to participate in the U.

In this way, the Myanmar government made it known to Beijing that Myanmar would neither balance against nor bandwagon with China. This fairly stable and correct relationship was also founded on the personal diplomacy between leaders of the two countries.

Despite her close relations with China, Myanmar tried to maintain stable and correct relations with the West and non-Communist countries. This certainly increased moral pressure on the Chinese government to resolve bilateral issues in a peaceful and friendly manner.

The year could be considered a watershed year in Sino-Myanmar relations. Military Assistance Programme and procured weapons from Western sources. You are not currently authenticated. This is likely to remain unchanged. Myanmar did not join any military alliance targeting China and continued to conduct its foreign relations on the basis of a neutralist philosophy.

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