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Infrared Optics and Zoom Lenses by Allen Mann download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The location of the principal planes is important in order to calculate accurately the separation between lens elements when going from a thin-lens solution to a thick-lens solution. Global search has been demonstrated in recent years to be a viable computer optimization tool. Further discussion of these topics may be found in the tutorial text on this subject by Max J.

It is important to

Glass substitution is a powerful technique for performing computer optimization and athermalization simultaneously by passive substitution of infrared optical materials. The first three chapters present an introduction to the principles of optics and the unique aspects of the infrared region of the wavelength spectrum. This shift is discussed in Secs.

Appendix B presents computer analysis that I have performed on these patents and on one additional patent described in Sec. It is important to understand the optical limitations of extenders. In part these additions are a result of including dual field-of-view infrared optical systems in this tutorial.

The computer program flowchart of the decision-making process is included in this discussion. This overview makes this chapter a fitting conclusion. These four chapters could serve as an introduction to any treatise on infrared optical systems. Appendix C gives the answers to self-test problems presented in Sec.

Appendix B presents computer analysis that