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Local people are stepping into leadership roles. Internationally, securing social value is increasingly a core principle of modern procurement practice.

Frith Walker will look at how this approach has proven to offer the best chance for resolving different and complex issues. We are responsible for maximising participation in sport and active recreation. This workshop will identify why we have taken this approach and understand how the sport and recreation sector can be a positive partner for community-led development. Our belief is that values provide the framework for new business enterprises and models that are owned by the community itself and we will share how we are putting this into practice. Rev Vai will talk about the process used to mobilise a community and future plans.

It is a problem solvingWe are addressing failure

How collaboration and generosity grew the business and some of the key tools used to engage people enabling you to take away some good strategies for relationship building. Placemaking is founded in collaboration.

Sport New Zealand is the crown agency responsible for promoting, encouraging and supporting physical recreation and sport in New Zealand. These partnerships must be invested in and put into practise at all levels of the organisation. We work to involve local communities in the making of vibrant, active urban environments. One of our focus areas is working with communities where participation is low.

It is a problem solving process that can be used to think about complex issues. We are addressing failure of formal and government systems to tackle this situation.