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Islamist Radicalisation in North Africa by George Joffe download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Syria is on its way to becoming another Afghanistan, while Morocco holds some hope for slow reform. In Tunisia, official unemployment figures stand at above fifteen percent for the general population and at more than thirty percent for university-educated youth. Their ultimate destination was supposed to be Syria.

Jihadists threatened to

The only differences within societies, especially in Morocco and Algeria, are ethnic and not sectarian. The fate of Libya was, and is, a chilling omen for Tunisians. Inside the Maghreb, residual suspicion between Morocco and Algeria over the Western Sahara, in particular, still inhibits full-fledged security cooperation. This new series is intended to reveal that other Islamic reality by looking at its history and society over the ages, as well as at the contemporary scene. Tunisian authorities at the time stood by passively as fighters were being trained and dispatched to Syria.

Jihadists threatened to derail the electoral process. Current affairs there too mask the underlying trends and values that have, over time, created a fascinating and complex world. As a result of the vote, Tunisia is entering a promising phase of its democratic transition. In the past, they might have looked to Europe for help.

In the overwhelmingly Sunni societies of North Africa, there is no real legacy of sectarian strife or persecution. This book focuses on the current issues and analytical approaches to the phenomenon of radicalisation in North Africa. Taking a comprehensive approach to the subject, it looks at the processes that lead to radicalisation, rather than the often violent outcomes. But jihadism is still a problem, and if anything, it is threatening the advances of democracy.

The first line of cooperation will have to be between North African countries themselves. He served as a Tunisian diplomat to the United States from to and is currently an international media analyst. The overwhelming majority is Sunni Muslim. Totten essay Tunisia surprised the pessimists, just as Egypt devastated the optimists. But for security planners throughout North Africa, Libya stands out as the greatest source of concern.

Current affairs there too