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Even when cleansed it reappearsEven this strategy is

The number of moves is exponential in the number of disks. Where Haggard Hawks focused on lists of ten words of a particular kind, this collection instead focuses on lists phrases and expressions, also arranged by their quirky and specific origins. Replacing God with trust in flawed human nature is a mark of arrogance that even pagans would have characterized as hubris evoking divine wrath.

Consequently, a brute force determination of God's algorithm for these games is not possible. Thus Schaeffer has a God's algorithm for all end games of draughts and used this to prove that all perfectly played games of draughts will end in a draw.

Following Jesus's warning we have the opportunity to wipe away the Sadducee arrogance and the Pharisee self-righteousness and discover anew the supreme power and joy of the Christian faith. Such a distortion of God's word is congenial to our self-as-center, but it robs us sinners of the justice and mercy of a loving God.

Even this strategy is not possible with Go. Even when cleansed it reappears in every tradition rendering forgiveness and transformation a promise only for those who think they have earned and deserve it. To solve the puzzle a sequence of moves is applied, starting from some arbitrary initial configuration.

Western civilization is giving up trust in the promise of God's mercy, justice, and forgiveness and replacing it with trust in the goodness of man. Jesus warned us to beware the teaching of the Sadducees and Pharisees.

Examples are the board games chess and Go. The Pharisee's yeast of self-righteousness is a natural condition of us all. Conversely, any algorithm for the original problem can be turned into an algorithm for the single-move version by truncating its output to its first move.