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Try to ignore the front cover, which seems calculated to put people off buying the book. It is a truly brilliantly written novel and every single word has importance. This is a really fascinating story which is completely unique and original.

Jessica as a

However, where it works, it works wonderfully, inviting and inducing the reader to fill in the gaps and the silences, as in a Guo Xi painting.

Andrew Norriss is not so tense as Alan Garner, but he is more complete. But as more and more people say they can hear and see Jessica, their link is revealed. And Francis seems to be the only one who can hear and see her. But I bring Alan up because there are clear parallels - and just as clear divergences - between him and Andrew, and they serve to throw light upon both writers. The message conveyed by this book is really powerful, and it deals with a rather delicate subject which is all too real in this day and age.

In fact, it went far beyond my expectations and I was gripped from the very beginning. There is something strange which is connecting them both, and neither of them understands what it might be. Although I don't know this, I suspect that both write in similar ways, boiling the word stew down until only the strongest broth remains. Read more I really enjoyed reading this novel.

So, while there is not the tension that fills Garner's novels, there is a peace that issues in the joy and laughter that pervades them. Indeed, in Alan Garner's case, the paring away cuts so deep that even the bones are weakened Red Shift for example and the story suffers. But this is where things get interesting, for in the different moods of each writer we can detect something of their hopes and fears of the supernatural.

This is what gives Garner's books their fragile, desperate beauty, like a spun metal sculpture, trembling and under tension. Jessica as a character is really interesting.

This is what gives Garner's books