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It took five minutes for Nala to become sedated, where Dr. As an aside note, in its last years, Jungleland played host to a birthday party for Jayne Mansfield's six year old son, Zoltan. The art project was created by Antoine Predock and it is rumored that the city is considering changing the art sculpture due to public criticism. Photo courtesy of Stan Schutze It could be said that Jungleland helped create Thousand Oaks into the town it is today. Zoltan was attacked and mauled by one of the lions that day which of course caused business to slow down afterwards.

Its performances in became substantially more frequent later in the tour as the band began to play Born to Run in its entirety at most shows. It served as the background for a choreographed tableau of street denizens miming a tragic slice-of-life. Gerald Dienhart, a veterinarian who was part of the surprise inspection, cited them after finding unsanitary amounts of aging dung in a rhesus monkey cage and balding pop-bellied pigs. After the song, both Springsteen and Roy Bittan gave Jake a hug. It also appeared intermittently during the Working on a Dream Tour.

So perhaps there is some merit to the legends that the panther lurked around the area for quite awhile. For years, the Jungleland gator was the largest gator in the world until Swampy was built at an amazing feet long, at Jungle Adventures in Christmas, Florida. Its appearances were rarer during The Rising Tour. The song has since rejoined Springsteen's live rotation.

She told me about a piece of history for the area. Sadly by the mid sixties, Jungleland and Louis Goebel could not compete with the mega amusement parks that were appearing all over southern California. Louis's wife, Kathleen, was his aunt. James Barnett, a veterinarian, moved in but upon being spotted, Nala hissed and made an attempt to hide under some bushes. It housed lions used in a variety of motion pictures.

It served as theIts performances in became

From a Press Courier article dated Feb. Barnett injected her with more tranquilizer. During the seventies and eighties, the now vacant Jungleland was used mostly as an informal skate and hangout spot by the locals. Mabel Stark was probably the world's first woman tiger and lion trainer.