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In the third round, the Kings jumped out to a three games to one lead against Stanley Cup-defending Chicago, but were unable to close out the series in the fifth and sixth games. Both the sleeve and back numbers are enlarged, while white pants were used with this jersey. In all, the Kings faced either the Oilers or the Flames in the playoffs four times during the s. Assistant general manager Rob Blake was promoted to be the new general manager and John Stevens took over as head coach after serving as associate head coach for the Kings for several seasons. At one point, gold pants were used to pair with the gold uniforms during the s.

Despite Anze Kopitar's absence with injury, the Kings pushed the series to six games until an overtime goal by Joe Thornton qualified the Sharks. Goaltender Jonathan Quick suffered an injury on opening night that sidelined him for most of the season, and the Kings struggled without him. Not only were the Kings the first team in history to accomplish this feat, they also managed to win all game sevens on opposing ice.

After starting the series with two wins, the Kings lost three-straight games, trailing the series three games to two. Later on, white trim was added on the numbers, and names were also added, while tail stripes were adjusted. Louis Blues swept the team in four games.

The Kings were expected to make the playoffs. Staples Center was a state-of-the-art arena, complete with luxury suites and all the modern amenities that fans and athletes would want in a brand-new facility. Louis Blues, who they swept in the playoffs.

The sleeve numbers were slightly tilted diagonally, while the back numbers were enlarged for visibility purposes. At the same time, McNall defaulted on a loan from Bank of America, who threatened to force the Kings into bankruptcy unless he sold the team.

They entered the playoffs as the fifth seeded in their conference and second seeded in their division. The Kings eventually won in seven games.

At the sameThe sleeve numbers

They faced the San Jose Sharks, but lost to them in five games. The bottom of the jerseys read the city name.