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To issue orders or instructions sharply or imperiously. Most verbs, after all, can be conjugated into the past tense by adding the suffix -ed. Muggers were laying for the unsuspecting pedestrian in the alley. Although she has amazing friends and a stunning personality she has a gaping vacancy in the love department.

To produce and deposit eggs. She laid me out for breaking the vase. The rubbish had lain not laid there a week. To put aside and hold for future delivery. Deep down in his soul he knows that Violet is his.

If you want to use it in the past tense, the correct spelling is laid. First, there are two lays. Although Violet has feelings for Cain, it is Jeremy who makes the move on Violet. Laid is actually the simple past and past participle form of the verb lay.

She isn't someone who wallows in her grief. To remain stationary while heading into the wind. The phrasal verb lay for and the nautical use of lay, as in lay at anchor, though intransitive, are standard. Cain decides that if he helps Violet meet someone else he will be able to move forward and forget her.

She isn't someone who wallows inTo remain stationary while