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The army possess devices that trigger extreme pain in the headless through their ordinator and Cavala and his contemporaries soon learn discipline. But circumstances and a callous police chief conspire against him. Anyway, here's the review. To return, briefly, to the comparison with Swift or Orwell, both of these men saw great wrongs in the social order of their times. He is forced to volunteer for a military unit of the headless, and is sent to the front of a continuing war where he and his fellows are used as gun-fodder.

They plan to move to a nearby town with many more headless living there. He peppers his targets with sharp phrases but none have sufficient force to bring down the great beasts that he has in his sights. Still, he and I enjoyed a good correspondence over it, and became friends. More of a brain workout than one for the heart, but enjoyable for that.

Their rage at these wrongs forced them to write. This being a future civilisation, beheading does not kill Cavala.

Or this, his latest, in which criminals on the strictly religious world of Pluse are beheaded for their misdemeanours. The night before they are due to move, Cavala runs into Mark Pol, who he has long suspected of raping Delage Delage is still unforthcoming regarding this event. He succeeds in tracking her down she is indeed headless and they fall in love.

There are police, but they are easily avoided. He is perhaps the most technically ambitious and certainly the most aware of the context in which he writes. But though I wasn't as interested in that middle section, it contained a lot of drama and action, which would no doubt appeal to other readers. The clergy make no appearance at all.

This being a future civilisationTheir rage at these wrongs forced

This is a novel I admired rather than enjoyed. Land of the Headless does both, taking the hero Jon Cavala on a painful road of self-discovery before finally, finally his eyes are opened to his inner self. Cavala and Delage are joined on this trek by two other headless, Mark Pol and Gymnaste.

However, he runs into Delage and she has her head. Fitted with computerised brains and plastic neck valves, they are sent out to live the rest of their lives bearing the obvious mark of their sins. As a simple tale of war, love, loss and a kind of redemption, Land of the Headless works well enough. They are sent to a world named Black Athena and go into combat in the Sugar War.