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Effective interventions Progress towards a

Make the promotion of health a key focus of communities and civil society Communities and civil society often lead in initiating, shaping and undertaking health promotion. Although the economic literature has focused mainly on public institutions, private institutions are also an important element in the process of creating wealth. The financial crisis has amplified this trend. To ensure this, all levels of government should make the health consequences of policies and legislation explicit, using tools such as equity-focused health impact assessment. Often, these high crime rates result from the activities of international criminals, mainly narcotraffickers.

Yes some governments might be tempted

The need to collaborate in solving collective problems is as obvious as the difficulties in achieving solutions. These factors are especially important for countries at an advanced stage of development when, to a large extent, the more basic sources of productivity improvements have been exhausted. Vast empirical evidence shows that trade openness is positively associated with growth. This trend will undoubtedly slow, and in some countries it will be tragically reversed as the crisis pushes back large numbers of people into the ranks of the poor.

But we now live in an age where a large and growing number of actors empowered by globalization have the potential to cause large-scale damage and substantial loss of human lives. As a country becomes more competitive, productivity will increase and wages will rise with advancing development. Market efficiency also depends on demand conditions such as customer orientation and buyer sophistication. And with the return of stronger governments, they say, traditional power plays between rival countries are bound to intensify.

Effective interventions Progress towards a healthier world requires strong political action, broad participation and sustained advocacy. Yes, some governments might be tempted to respond to the crisis by adopting trade-impairing policies, imposing rules that inhibit global financial integration, or taking measures to curb immigration. This approach fails to address the obvious fact that collaborating with others often means relinquishing power, a concession that does not come easily to sovereign nations. Even accounting for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the amount of armed conflict in the world is at an ebb not seen since the s.

Health promotion has an established repertoire of proven effective strategies which need to be fully utilized. Around the world, all kinds of groups are still connecting, and the economic crisis will not slow their international activities. An economy is well served by businesses that are run honestly, where managers abide by strong ethical practices in their dealings with the government, other firms, and the public at large.