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The group listed a list of things that leaders need to do to lead a successful lean transformation. If our goal is to deliver as much value to our customers as quickly as possible, then we have to optimize our value streams to be able to do just that. We chose to focus on collaborative learning not because we think we know everything about it.

Share successes but more importantly

Consider the story of my longtime friend and colleague Gary Convis. At the individual level, at the organizational level. Out of respect for the customer, we make decisions that will bring them the most value with minimal waste. Rather, we know we want to learn more about it and recognized there would be no better way to learn than to gather together with you to share the experiences of the Lean Community. Lean encourages a practice of evolutionary change, called continuous improvement, rooted in a fundamental respect for people.

Share successes, but more importantly, discuss failures, too. Maybe, but here are two things to consider.

Maybe but here

These seven Lean principles can be applied to any team, in any organization, in any industry. The Lean principle of Deliver Fast by Managing Flow is based on the idea that the faster we can deliver bits of value to our customers, the sooner we can begin to learn from customer feedback. In such settings, leaders at all levels are expected to know, to know the best way, the right way, to know the solution, no matter what comes up.

Listen to your favorite athlete or musician describe how he or she attained their skill. The Lean principle of Create Knowledge says that Lean organizations have to provide the infrastructure to properly document and retain valuable learning. In the excerpt which you can find in our lean. Lean thinkers are relentless about eliminating any process, activity, or practice that does not result in value for the customer. To understand how to optimize our value streams, first we have to properly identify them.