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No trace should be left, trails, shelters, fires, etc. The vehicle is armed with two twin Browning machine guns.

The twelve menus contain dehydrated entree items as well as other accessory items. The main goal is to recon and patrol the new area and then head back home. The individual prepares the food. Army retroactively awarded members of the Alamo Scouts the Special Forces tab due to their wartime record and the techniques they pioneered. We can not sell to the private sector individual, business, or other organizations.

The objectives are differentThis entailed unloading the vehicle and

These men were skilled in communications and were able to maintain and repair their equipment without any outside help. After Japan's surrender, the Alamo Scouts Training Center was closed down and the unit was disbanded.

Roll with a light kit and leave no trace. The kit is light, just the bare essentials. The person or team moves with stealth to the objective s. On only three occasions did a broken radio prevent a patrol communicating with its headquarters. It is issued at one per soldier per day for up to ten days.

Noise and light discipline are required. Here they mined a road used by the retreating Germans, destroying three vehicles and blocking the road. It can be issued at three per day for a complete cold weather ration.

This entailed unloading the vehicle and digging shallow, sloped trenches in which the channels and mats could be placed under the wheels to provide traction. The objectives are different, but the overall concept is the same. Both patrols returned safely to Kufra without being discovered. James commanded the platoon. Patrols had to do their own surveys and make their own maps of each route they took.

During the period of Lieutenant James D. The canvas sand mat can be seen rolled up on the right hand vehicle. Barce is at the top left and Marble Arch is on the edge of the map, to the left of El Agheila. Once a patrol was relieved they would transmit details of all they had seen back to Siwa.