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Low Vision Aids by Chaudhry Monica download in iPad, ePub, pdf

They can be used for reading, threading a needle or doing other close-up tasks. These use magnifying lenses to make objects look larger and easier to see. You often can adjust them to meet your special vision needs. Create more contrast around your house. Low vision techniques Use these low vision techniques to help with everyday tasks.

Increase the amount of lightAlso ask if you

Another app, EyeNote, is free for Apple products. Magnifying spectacles are worn like eyeglasses to keep your hands free. From talking watches to tablet computers, there are lots of low vision tools. Some stand magnifiers have built-in lights. They will also need vision rehabilitation to achieve their best possible vision.

Some telescopes can be attached to eyeglasses. Low vision aids There are many low vision aids and devices to help you with your daily activities. Use heavy, bold felt tip markers when you write shopping lists or take notes.

Or put black contact paper on a desk where you have white papers. This helps to keep the lens at a proper distance.

Some models have built-in lights. Reduce glare inside and outside. With audio books, you can listen to text that is read aloud. These magnifiers rest above the object you are looking at. Telephones, thermostats, watches and remote controls with large-sized numbers and high contrast colors.

Also ask if you will need training in how to use the devices. Increase the amount of light in your house.