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The couple are separated, the wife left her husband since he was an overly controlling and possessive freak. Then as they chase each other on, the slippery rocks, he falls into the surf and drowns. An early Iris Johansen novel, you can already see her bent towards suspense, although this is a category romance. That does sound like the start of an abusive relationship, so she left him. She freaks out and throws him out again.

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The bump on her head must really have been the catalyst for her, since suddenly she decides that she does wants her husband back. However, the city council sought to regain the money paid in the settlement, believing that it should have been paid by the city's insurers. The community began to develop in the s as the first real town in San Mateo County.

Like underwater parks, these marine protected areas help conserve ocean wildlife and marine ecosystems. Known originally as San Benito, the town was renamed Spanishtown and attracted a thriving fishing industry in addition to its continued importance to coastal agriculture.

The hero just wants to protect her by being with her. Also, employee contributions toward retirement benefits were raised. The Hero and heroine are likeable enough and their problems were real enough to begin with. It is situated on a bay of the same name. By this time I was exasperated with the immature idiot heroine.

There is often fog and overcast during the night and morning hours, usually clearing to offshore during the afternoon. Levy Brothers opened a department store in downtown Half Moon Bay. Instead of feeling reassured she freaks again. She tries to run off, slips on some stones and hurts herself.

In spite of the low latitude and strong maritime influence, nights remain very cool even in summer. As a result of these combined fiscal obstacles, the threat of bankruptcy was very real. The back story is that she is being stalked by a killer she helped catch.

It was just so ridiculous how they abruptly changed roles. He is back, remorseful, promises t An early Iris Johansen novel, you can already see her bent towards suspense, although this is a category romance.

He is back remorseful promises