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Martial Law in India, Pakistan and Ceylon by Joseph Minattur download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Through the years of uneasy peace which followed, British officials in Ceylon continued to dabble secretly in Kandyan politics. In communal rioting broke out.

The colony was in economic trouble. The marauding Kandyans went on to invade British territory and actually came within a few miles of Colombo before reinforcements rushed from India forced them back.

After the arrests riot compensation was

In running the administration in accordance with the military regulations issued from time to time, the civil agencies would be utilized to the maximum extent possible. After the arrests, riot compensation was exacted under threat of force.

In running the

Coffee, which had long replaced cinnamon as Ceylon's chief export, became a bigger and bigger business after recovery from the slump. North was not a mere figurehead and resented the interference of the East India Company.