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Pomegranate is also antimalarial

Accordingly cool colors do not suit people with cold temperament. They usually have trouble waking up and they wake up tired. Coldness and dryness could bring about pain in bones in cold weather, toothache by having something cold, and brittle and dry hair and nails.

Pomegranate is also antimalarial and may even help some men reduce their need for prostate medications. Therefore, they are more prone to develop high uric acid and cholesterol levels. They have a small frame, for instance, their fingers, lips, and other body parts are not much big and they are unlikely to get overweight. Certainly compared to light and mental exercises such as swimming and chess, vigorous and outdoor exercises such as football, and running have warmer and drier temperament.

Contact us tehranbureau Topics. So, each individual should maintain their own balanced state during their life by choosing the kind of lifestyle which suits them best by corresponding to their own distinguishing Mizaj. They should also cut back on water, dairy products, fruits with cooling characteristics, and sour food items. They are pretty warm and flexible and in order to protect them, stay healthy, and keep on living one must consume meat, bread and fairly sweat food items which all have warm and wet Mizaj. These documents give detailed and precise clinical information on the different types of headaches.

People with phlegmatic temperament should cut down on food items cold and wet temperament to sleep shorter and get up easily and not having trouble waking up. He adds that his experience in herbal therapy also compels him to advise patients with serious conditions to see a doctor.

They have rapid pulse, are exuberant, quickly finish what they are supposed to do -usually perfectly and carefully- and speak fast. Premature graying and hair loss is prevalent among these people. People with warm and dry Mizaj are better not to consume deep fried food stuff specifically during hot seasons. Therefore, due to their Mizaj, these organs are sensitive to coldness and dryness.

Therefore they are more prone

Although spicy foods are warmer and dryer than bitter and salty foods respectively. Applying moderate oils such as sweet almond oil or violet oil for people with warm inherent Mizaj on the body surface is also good for these people. Living in warm and humid areas suit these people.

Cutting back on food stuff with cold Mizaj such as sour foods, dairy products and citrus fruits and staying away from cold places is recommended to people with cold Mizaj. He is concerned over the state of the trade. Watching thrillers and rock music are not recommended to these people. Wetness would cause the hair to easily hold a curl or style. Tinctures including mint, cumin, chicory and fumaria are organised neatly on shelves.