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Microsoft System Center Extending Operations Manager Reporting by George Wallace download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Extending the schema

How to configure Activity, Change and Release Management. Provides information about whether Asset Intelligence is enabled and the current status of the Asset Intelligence synchronization point. Specifies the validation state for the hardware requirement. Asset Intelligence license management reports Asset Intelligence license management reports provide data about licenses that are being used.

Successfully extended the Active Directory schema. Extending the schema is not required for the installation of ConfigMgr but it is recommended.

Configure Activity, Change, and Release Management. Extending the Active Directory Schema for ConfigMgr allows clients to retrieve many types of information related to Configuration Manager from a trusted source. The reports provide information about hardware, license management, and software. Inventoried software titles can have up to three custom labels associated with them.

Specifies the name of the

When using the ldf file you will need to edit and configure this file. Software categories Asset Intelligence software categories are used to widely categorize inventoried software titles and are also used as high-level groupings of more specific software families.

You can manage hardware requirements for software titles in the Assets and Compliance workspace in the Hardware Requirements node under the Asset Intelligence node. Specifies the number of Configuration Manager clients that have inventoried the software title. Custom software and line-of-business applications are unlikely to receive a category, and as a best practice, you should not send these software titles to Microsoft for categorization.

After you modify the categorization information for predefined software, the validation state for the software changes from Validated to User Defined. For more information about how to enable the reporting classes, see Configuring Asset Intelligence in System Center Configuration Manager. For example, a software category could be energy companies, and a software family within that software category could be oil and gas or hydroelectric.

Specifies the name of the inventoried software title. Extending the schema is an irreversible action and must be done by a user who is a member of the Schema Admins Group or who has been delegated sufficient permissions to modify the schema. The validation state for software labels is always User Defined.