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Modern Beaded Lace by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The author teaches her own techniques of beaded lace from every sort of angle. There are many more types of lace but this collection is pretty, plentiful and very interesting as it stands.

Just looking at the pieces, each project fully photographed from many different angle, will delight you. In her introduction, she explains what led her to create this book. Finally, there is an explanation of all of the types of lace which she chose for her projects. Each one captures the flirty, airy feeling of lace in a fresh manner. She is a very clear instructor, and has combined these lace making and the beadweaving techniques together so that the reader will understand how one transfers to the other.

Here you will see how the author ties in the lace to the stitches you will be using in this book. She offers earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Just looking atIn her introduction

Following that are the Elements of Beaded Lace. They are shown as dangles and express the popularity of round figures and shapes in lacework. In this book, each project uses one or more of these elements. It is an amazing piece which you will want to try right away.