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What a majestic and versatile voice he had! They both have great songs and I guess there is room for both in filmi music. Any guesses where he will find it? You are so right about Rafi and Geeta Dutt - they have lovely duets, too.

This poll was published in Outlook. Nashe mein hum nashe mein tum Black Cat with Suman Kalyanpur. What a clever construct for a list. Just compare the lyrics of Anarkali songs to that of Jodha Akbar ones - the poetic beauty of the former seems to be entirely missing in the latter!

Mohammad Rafi song lyrics

Its like in a democracy, one can only vote for the candidates on the list, no matter how much one may want other candidates! Yahan badla wafa ka Jugnu with Noor Jehan.

It is most often evident with playback singers, especially the men. Its hard for me to understand how anyone can stay mad at Madhubala when she sings and emotes like that, but maybe it helped that Rafi couldnt see her? With Dev Anand and you on the songs of today, there's hardly a comparison. And Vividh Bharti is still on?

Mohammed Rafi

List of songs by Mohammed Rafi. Wow, that sure is a wonderful way to present the Maestro's songs.

Kala Pani - Mohammed Rafi. Mere Mehboob - Mohammed Rafi. Remembering Mohammed Rafi. Rafi associated with several of his contemporaries, dark parables jack and the sky kingdom singing duets with them and sometimes for them as in case of Kishore Kumar who was also an actor.

Madhubala is trying to mend fences with a visibly angry Dev Anand. Waheeda Rehman with the man she married in real life Kanwaljeet! There aren't more since I was trying to include Rafi's duets with every singer I could! That is, of course, not true!

Mahendra Kapoor Manna Dey S. Rafi refused to side with her, stating that his claim on the film producer's money ended with his being paid his agreed fee for the song. The film opens with the lead character dancing around in her bedroom to a video of Gumnaam. Fans of Mohammed Rafi, who visit his tomb twice a year to mark his birth and death anniversaries, use the coconut tree that is nearest his grave as a marker.

Qismat phati hui thi Alibaba and the Forty Thieves. Thats right, tell him off, bring him down a peg or two!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And Parineeta is a fine example, but it is after all a period film that has a well-aligned soundtrack.

Great post - although I do love Rafi it's Kishore Kumar that lays claim to my all time favorite singer. Wish I could get the Hindi version to see what exactly Lata said in her tribute. She has recorded songs for over a thousand Hindi films and has sung songs in over thirty-six regional Indian languages and foreign languages, though primarily in Marathi and Hindi. Rafi's association with Naushad helped the former establish himself as one of the most prominent playback singers in Hindi cinema. Have you heard any other cricket songs?

For over three decades, he was the singing voice of generations of heroes. He is my most most most favorite. This difference of opinion subsequently led to differences between the two.

My perception about Lata and Asha is the exact opposite of yours. It was pretty oldies-oriented to my ears.

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The demand clearly exists, that is why the supply has only increased and managed to make immense success stories of the likes of Pritam and Anu Malik. Before Rafi, Naushad's favourite singer was Talat Mahmood. As to picking a Rafi favorite for the letter A or any other letter of the alphabet - that is a task completely beyond me! Many for whom he sang for free while making their compositions immortal. Noor Jehan migrated to Pakistan and made a pair with playback singer Ahmed Rushdi.

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Balasubrahmanyam Hariharan Sanjeev Abhyankar M. Wish there was someone like him nowadays! Whether with Rafi, someone else or solo, I'm an Asholater. As long as I get to listen to Asha and Rafi I wouldn't ask for anything more. In the late s and s, he worked with other composers of the era such as O.

Thats why they are the stuff of legends! As a matter of interest, which is the movie from among the ones featured in my list, that you have seen? There are enough people who consume either or both.

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The soulful voice lives on! Clear currently playing song. When you are all drunk, of course!

But maybe I'm just too bitter since nobody sang these lines to me! Good luck with that, Rafi! Dilip Kumar did have lots of hair - something I imagine a lot of other heroes must have envied too!