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Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson download in iPad, ePub, pdf

As a result of these factors, Goofy is rather accident-prone and is an easy target for trouble. EdPuzzle offers features for inserting questions into videos and provides quick feedback on student understanding. Onomatopoeia is a literary device used to describe a sound or to give emphasis to an action.

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Those with more developed language can expand their vocabulary by learning how squeaking is different from talking, yelling, and crying.

The pictures are also delightful

The pictures are also delightful. Use links to share directly to Google Classroom or social media accounts. Her goal is to spread compassion, hope, and some speech, language and literacy tips one moment, one person at a time.

Another great aspect about the illustrations is that they complement the storyline. Hope these tips have been helpful. Repetitive lines help to develop oral language and emergent literacy skills.

The images are straightforward and quite large. With bats and jack-o-lanterns smiling, nighttime during the Halloween season is not depicted as creepy or frightening. Amazon Affiliate links included. Students could then view videos in class as partners, or at a learning center on their own.