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When I say this is an

All of the men were in the British Armed Forces. When I say this is an origins story, I really meant it in its truest sense.

In this shocking and compelling book, Tracy Black pieces together the jigsaw of a story that has haunted her for the past forty years. He would never be the hero revealed, and therefore, never the hero. It must have been like watching Batman run down to the Batcave and jump into the Batmobile, if Batman had the salary of a part-time hardware store employee. While the book's genre is kind of a current day science fiction, the story at this point was not predominantly so.

To make an allegory from of the book itself, Tibbs will never be known as the Batman who fought Superman. You may not have chosen this, but it has chosen you.

All of the men were in the Bri Tracy Black was only five years old when her mother was hospitalised for the first of many occasions, leaving Tracy in the care of her father. There isn't very much plot development in this debut except for the growth of Jonathan into a role that he did not volunteer for. When she sought help and safety the doors were closed as the authorities closed ranks. This is the origins story of Jonathan Tibbs, a reserved college student whose life was literally seized by the throat and changed permanently.

All of the men were

It is only now that she can tell her full story of recovery. She reveals the horrific betrayal of trust perpetrated by men who were considered upstanding citizens and heroes.