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It was very close quarters

She also knew that if he had of by some chance had feelings for her then, that a lot can change in two years. What he hadn't thought of was the prospect of sharing a room- and a bed, with her. With a clean bill of health being what she wants, she won't allow herself to become involved in a personal relationship with anyone besides a fling until that comes bill comes along. Currently she still has about three more months to go before she can get a clean bill of health from her doctor.

It was a good thing because otherwise, Dean might have taken advantage of their circumstance. All he was left to do was wait. So small, in fact, that John felt a weight on his chest. And to avoid the mistletoe. And again on the up side for every five plates of information he gave out to people about himself he received a fair amount of information on Nell in return.

And hope he hoped so

And hope he hoped so desperately that Grace wouldn't die so close after their mum. It was very close quarters. Enclosing his hand were two others, pressured and uncalloused. So, he could have been put in worse situations.

John breathed a sigh of relief, and tried to straighten up, as far away from Sherlock as possible. Well, you did say you didn't want people out-of-pocket. So I made finding someone my New Years Resolution. Then he felt it again - now more discernible - soft lips, pressing themselves delicately on his fingers. John Watson was having a very, very stressful Christmas holiday.

Of course they had bets going you imbecile. He raced around a corner and through a room full of armour, then down one flight of stairs.

If the loud snoring was any indication, the heavy dose painkillers Dean had coaxed into him were working. It was like my muses took a three month holiday and came back really drunk and illiterate. He also put more of his heart into what he was doing. The breath on his fingers was moist and quick. And mince tarts, which had fueled the problem right now.