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He's a manipulative man who will rope other people into his efforts and has been known to come out unscathed when those who've worked with him get the short end of the stick. Mineta is even worse in this regard. In spite of this, Leo remains very loyal to them, and the two cops have shown to genuinely care for him at times. Bakugou is the most blatant example.

Sakura struggles to be contemptuous about it however, and is kind to them despite their abrasiveness towards her, something that wins them over and makes them softer, more genuine friends. Even after Anakin becomes Darth Vader, he remains this trope among Imperial forces who tolerate him solely out of fear, necessity or in Tarkin's case, begrudging respect. It doesn't help that the person he will pick on most is five years old. The only reason the main characters spend any time with her is because she is Stephen Still's on-again off-again girlfriend.

Even his son, Trunks, spends about as much time berating him as he did seeking his approval. It doesn't help Slytherin's case that most of its students, i. They're all cases of Proximity, since they don't have any choice in the matter, though. America can also fill this role. Even Metal himself never faults them for hating him.

Though this is, like many things, depending on the writer with just how hard it is for the other heroes to like Bruce. Throughout the several years in which the manga takes place, Saori has gone through stages of either being a moody, sarcastic jerk or having everyone be nice to her.

Leo later returned

Batman for the Justice League. With Amano himself being this trope. The sole exception to this is Mach V, who's been reformed so long and is such a Nice Guy that he's more or less proven himself.

Interestingly enough she starts

He's deemed selfish and arrogant by most of his peers and S. Wolverine was this on the X-Men, early in his career. He often shows his arrogance despite being not as competent and smart as six of the other seven members, leading him to be disliked by his co-workers. It's also played for tragedy, because they all hoped he'd eventually grow out of his immaturity, and he never did. Despite annoying many of the characters, the Student Council keeps him around to keep him in check.

Everyone just seems to tolerate his presence to various degrees even his wife. Although, he quickly evolves into a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis for Yotsuba and later even Friendly Enemy and his antics don't trigger more than mild annoyance in other characters. Unfriended has Val, an Alpha Bitch the rest of the cast doesn't like but tolerates. His classmates open up to him once he calms down and starts dating Naru. Downplayed and then subverted in Wandering Son.

Interestingly enough, she starts getting along better with the rest of the cast after albeit not as a result of her final breakup with Zuko. Leo later returned in the following two sequels, now a friend of Riggs and Murtaugh but the two are still annoyed by him and sometimes even abuse him. In the end he's the one to betray them and Keating. That's not even getting into the fact that the first Thunderbolts team was actually the Masters Of Evil trying to trick everybody as part of their latest scheme.