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Also has excellent technical data sheets on garage doors. The torsion shaft with lift drums on the ends is above the door. Standard hardware-store cable and fittings are not appropriate.

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This picture shows the upper rod pointing at an upward angle, even though you don't need to wind it that high. This will give you a starting value for the number of turns in the new springs. The gap where it is broken shouldn't be counted in the length, nor should the winding cones, just the wire part as if it were relaxed and unbroken. At that point, he may offer to promptly bring in his competent colleague, who will turn up lacking charm and looking awful, but might actually do the work, possibly at a fair price. These are dangerous things that many people can do safely, but that safety depends on intelligent understanding and application of proper techniques.

You can also see I am wearing eye protection. Loosening or tightening the set-screws is the moment of most risk, since the end-wrench is a potential missile if you slip, and your hand is close to the cone. Repair of garage doors is a licensed trade in many jurisdictions, and manipulation of the market inevitably follows. If this manipulative, we-are-your-nanny business approach is truly in our best interests as consumers, then we shouldn't be allowed near ladders, lawn mowers, or power tools. The new springs are chalked and ready to wind.

This caution applies to every step in the process of shipping, storage, installation, and usage. If you find yourself in the middle of this trap, then the proper response is to dismiss the repairman without paying a nickel. The wire size, winding diameter, and length can be traded off to make springs of varied geometry but equivalent torque characteristics. The Bristol West companies are subsidiaries of the Farmers Exchanges. Winding is accomplished by swinging the rod from pointing down to pointing horizontal.

It would be foolish to go bare and risk an eye injury. Fehr Brothers Industries, Inc. One might stack lumber or arrange some other low platform for a steady footing, instead of the ladder. Thus it is humanly impossible to dodge a falling door. Others report that some local dealers sell springs at retail, but at a high price that eliminates any economy versus having them installed.

From these figures one can calculate the lifting capacity, substitutions, conversions, and cycle life upgrades for a door of given weight and drum geometry. Again, these parts should be available from the spring source, and should be ordered based on a pre-inspection. Securities and Exchange Commission as a broker-dealer. Simply apply a slight torsion to the bar by clamping one of the springs with an easy half-turn or so applied. If you originally had two springs, he will tell you that he must replace both springs, and you must therefore pay double what was quoted.

Fehr Brothers Industries

Here's a close-up of that left spring showing how it broke. If you have paired springs, you can take a shortcut here instead of using locking pliers. Then you should lock the door down with either the security lock or with Vise-Grips or C-clamps. That is your right, and in fact the only power you have to bargain in such circumstances. But I will observe that the Web is the innovation that can finally give intelligent consumers the advantage in these commercial games.

Intimidation is a powerful tool against customer resistance. Moreover, my three-car garage has three doors, so on average I can expect a repair job every few years. An enantiomorphic mirrored pair of springs, such as my standard door uses, will consist of one left-hand and one right-hand spring.