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Rwanda about the

Le Monde's subsequent difficulties have been attributed in part to this book. The north of Gabon, largely neglected, has been economically integrated into the Cameroon and to a lesser extent into the oil-rich Equatorial Guinea. However, real development, meeting the basic needs of all the Gabonese, still needs to be undertaken. This will require real debate as to priorities and popular participation.

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His writings are not so much the result of investigations as writing up what some people know but are not saying publicly. What is new is the close friendship between Ali Bongo and the King of Morocco.

Rwanda, about the Rwandan genocide. However, some had been integrated into Gabonese families and stayed on. He stayed on longer than I did and kept in closer contact with some Gabonese, especially those in opposition and in exile.

Rwanda, Black Furies, White Liars. The book criticised the French newspaper's editors, claiming that they had purposefully turned their backs on Le Monde's past ethics. The only noticeable change was of his first name from Albert to Omar after a trip to Libya where it is said in exchange for money he became a Muslim.