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Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. It is also a product for the hardcore tool enthusiast only, because it comes without a handle, which you have to buy and attach yourself. Chaos wins every time, of course, which is why the other day I found myself girding myself up for the annual shed clear-out. Tools Shed is a project run by the Conservation Foundation which gives new life to all those spades, forks, trowels and, yes, hoes which lie at the back of the shed waiting to be repaired.

Like most men, my hobbies are essentially just an excuse for the purchase of a never-ending array of consumer durables, in this case garden tools. The Brace round was discontinued. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. The problem is my ever-expanding tool collection.

Thankfully we managed

Well, actually there isn't, but there ought to be, because I am convinced that most gardeners reveal the inner secrets of their personality through their shed. Thankfully we managed to meet up with them on there way to the mighty Viaduct.

For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. Tools Shed will be at the Hampton Court Flower Show next month, and is putting the call out to contractors with old tools to bring them along to the show.

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