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Idol Favorite - Any person or thing devotedly or excessively admired. Balmaccan A type of man's overcoat. Flux Continuous change - instability - fusion.

Here you can learn the complete list of one-word substitution that is important for the competitive and government jobs exams. Which of the following words can be used to refer to a person who tends to fixate obsessively over one thing? Which of the following words can be used to refer to a man who excessively caters to, worships and submits to the most outlandish or outrageous demands of his wife? If you find this article advantageous for preparing one-word substitution, of trojan remover you must let your friends know about this.

There is a difference between the words henpecked and uxorious. The ommission from a sentence of a work or words that would comple the construction. Dislectical s Logical argumentation. Iconography Teaching by pictures and models.

Geysers There are natural hot water springs. Flora Plants of a particular region or period.

Deism Got birth and followed principles in a particular caste but telling, he is not god. Formidable That which is heard tobe resisted. Dermotologist One who treates skin diseases.

Fetish Amulet object believed to have magic power. Word pronounced the same as, but different in meaning spelled the same wayhood.

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Caliber Diameter of bore of gun - degree of merit. Democracy The gout formed by the people. Delettante An admirer by the people Deliquisic Become liquide by absorbing moisture from the air - Melt away.

Deist One who believes in the existence of god. Galvanometer A glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between glasses.

Hello Eswar, Greetings from Eduncle! The process the transfusing blood of one person into blood stream of another person. Delittante One who takes up an art - dabbler - a lover of fine arts.

Benefit yourself by grabbing more useful study stuff to get help in competitive exam preparation. Feduciary Of the relationship between a trustee and his principal. Impromptu Made or done without previous preparation - Extemporaneous. It contains a series of lenses arranged to throw on screen an enlarged image of photography. But when you are mindful of the important topics and the preparation strategies, you will surely be able to crack them easily.

Incarcerate imprison or confine. Igneous Of or about fire produced under intense heat. Funambulist A rope dancer - who walks on thread. Implicit Not fully and clearly expressed implied. An uxorious husband is dominated by his neurosis, and his wife may not enjoy his uxoriousness.

Hey Eduncle, the compilation is very resourceful. Indescribable That which is impossible to describe adequately.

One Word Substitution

We have divided the one-word substitution list into different sections as given below. Test your range of English vocabulary with this exercise. Hello Bhuya, Greetings from Eduncle!

Fussion Uniting by metting together. Fatalism Religion that which believes that god is everything. An apparatus which records the fight data of an aeroplane and is also a voice recorder. The layer of the earth's atmosphere which contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons. Student Tutor Institution App.

Detenu One who detained in custody. Despotism Is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. Me who is well versed in any subject a critical judge of any art particularly fine arts.

Deluge Anything that overwhelms like a flood - great flood - rain. Immutable Unchangeable - unalterable - changeless. Fertile That which is productive. Iconoclast Destroyer of images attached on traditions. Iconoclast A destroyer of images.

Improbable That which is not likely to happen. Defendant One who is sued by the plaintiff. For more such updates, Kindly stay tuned with Eduncle. Ichthyology Study of fishes.

One who makes a request or endowment. To get triumph over these exams is certainly a tough row to hoe.

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Which of the following words can be used to refer to an accomplished musician? Competitive exams are becoming the most extensive segment of our youth, who have graduated and are ambitious for a well-settled career.

Ecclisiologist One who studies the science relating to the church. Fission Cleaving or splitting into parts. Government Connoisseur of choice food. Caries Dental decay Carniology Describe the habits, merits and demerits of a man by seeing his skull carniologist. The origin of electricity in a dynamo is the transformation of machanical energy into energy.