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Using variational analysis techniques, we study subsmooth multifunctions in Banach spaces. This concept, super efficiency, is shown to have many desirable properties.

This is done and investigated in terms of the coderivatives and the normal cones, and thereby we provide some characterizations for convex generalized equations to have the metric subregularity. Decision-making problems appearing in economics, management science and operations research require frequently that decision making be based on optimizing several criteria. The theorem is closely related to a recent result of Aliprantis and Brown, but allows for excess demand correspon-dences rather than excess demand functions. All other axioms can be checked in a similar manner in both examples. In particular, we show that in reasonable settings the super efficient points of a set are norm-dense in the efficient frontier.

We also provide a Chebyshev characterization of super efficient points for nonconvex sets and a scalarization theory when the underlying set is convex. The notion is then known as an F-vector spaces or a vector space over F. We characterize integrable representations of the Lie algebra g in terms of resolvents of the generators and derive a new integrability criterion for representations of g.

On a market equilibrium

On a market equilibrium theorem with an infinite number of commodities by Nicholas C. Mourey suggested the existence of an algebra surpassing not only ordinary algebra but also two-dimensional algebra created by him searching a geometrical interpretation of complex numbers.

Some older sources mention these properties as separate axioms. It can be used to investigate the question whether nonnegativity of a polynomial on a compact semialgebraic set can be certified in a certain way. In the first section of this article we study ordered normed spaces with the Riesz decomposition property.

Extending the classical concept of extreme boundary, we introduce a notion of recession cores of closed convex sets. As applications, we establish formulas of the modulus of calmness and provide several characterizations of the calmness. Then scalar multiplication av is defined as f a v.

In other words, there is a ring homomorphism f from the field F into the endomorphism ring of the group of vectors. In terms of the normal cones and coderivatives, we provide some characterizations for such multifunctions to be calm.

Sharper results are obtained for Asplund spaces. When the scalar field F is the real numbers R, the vector space is called a real vector space. Multi-grading of A are studied as technical tools to verify the assumptions of this theorem.

Mourey suggested the