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In this section, we focus on a few prominent works that address the implications of digitialization that scholars have traced across some of the many different domains of social life. Yale University Press Bennett, W. Lance, and Alexandra Segerberg. Sassen also stresses the importance of not conflating digitalization with the Internet. In the classical model, investments in human capital and financial capital are important predictors of the performance of a new venture.

The rise of intellectual property and how it threatens creativity. Not only does the smartphone physically consolidate a number of devices, but it likewise performs a number of functions associated with other mediums.

For many, digitization radically transforms the entire landscape of media. Digitization therefore produces information that can be expressed in many different ways, on many different types of materials, and in many different systems. There are two main forms of this type of convergence. In other words, digitization permits an expansive degree of interactivitybetween user and information. Much scholarly work has recognized that digitization produces data with a set of distinguishing characteristics.

Benkler further argues that these new non-market and cooperative modes of labor produce economic value that is increasingly rivaling that of the nation-states and bureaucracies of the past. For example, workers in the United States were once well paid in comparison to the workers in other countries. Consciousness beyond the brain. For example, digitization can proceed through sampling. It has created a situation in which workers who perform easily automated tasks are forced to find work that is not easily automated.

Metadata has been an extraordinarily important aspect of digital media in contexts ranging from knowledge production and social scientific research to government surveillance. Four Axes of Rhetorical convergence. At the same time, this underscores that transferring digital information does not include any actual transfer of physical materials. You will receive feedback on your writing by the next class unless otherwise stated.

At the same time, in each of these literatures, scholars are careful to describe digitalization and the network society as constituting each other. Workers in developing countries have a competitive advantage that translates into increased opportunities and higher wages.

Both types of convergence are associated with the consolidation of companies, in which individual companies expand, entering into multiple markets or sectors. Optical communication Optical communication has played an important role in communication networks. The ultimate implication is that digitization reverberates across social groups and social interactions.

Metadata has been an extraordinarily

An Introduction to Digital Media. Students are expected to attend all classes. Missed extra-credit quizzes and papers will not be available for re-taking. Knowledge and the flow of information.

Four Axes of Rhetorical