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However, after seeing Henney audition, Yoon was attracted to the actor's unique facial expressions and gestures, so the director decided to create a new role just for him. Korean German and English in addition to Korean itself. This is one place I definitely want to visit when I get the chance to travel to Austria again. Wanita itu bernama Song Lina. Terbukti di Spring Waltz ini.

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All of a sudden, everything goes into a reverse action. There is a scene where the lead actor called the leading lady on the cell and play piano to her, so sweet.

Many suprises and intriguingly genius. The drama is artistically filmed that it looks like an art film. Ina was so nice in the end. Dan sepertinya takdir memang mengharuskan Jae Ha untuk bertemu lagi dengan Eun Yong.

Untuk itulah Su Ho diangkat menjadi anak sebagai pengganti Jae Ha asli yang telah meninggal karena memang wajah Su Ho sangat mirip dengan Jae Ha yang telah meninggal. And his eyes would speak more. Sebenarnya yang aku suka dari drama series ini justru bukan Love Storynya tapi cerita tentang keluarganya. Terrific and worth watching and I even bought a copy of it. Oiya nilai plus lain untuk film ini, pemainnya oke-oke semua terutama Danniel Henney.

Top Actors Add New Person. Daniel Henney is so handsome. Endless Love Synopsis Will the tragedy of spring be repeated years later?

Is this drama series really worth watching? Moreover, most of its production money came from external sources and investments made by domestic and foreign interests. Waktu kecil, karena suatu alasan, Jae Ha, yang dahulunya bernama Su Ho mau di asuh oleh sepasang suami istri yang baru saja kehilangan anaknya yang bernama Jae Ha. When I watched this drama, I began to love him more.

Spring Waltz was the final feature of the season-themed drama series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. Namun saat mereka berdua belum saling mengetahui satu sama lain. Even my brother and my mom was hooked on it. Win a Japanese Snack box today! Autumnz Silicone Breastmilk Collector Review.

Wonderful Life You're Beautiful. Perhaps that was one of the reason of its poor ratings. They eventually decided on a few islands located in South Jeolla Province.

This article possibly contains original research. Everything that was happening in the last few episodes made the audience believe that the ending would be tragic. The Korea Herald via Hancinema.

Walau hidup dengan serba kecukupan, namun ia masih dibayangi masa lalunya. Kritik dan saran bisa melalui email. You really shouldnt miss this series! Love it, especially the sceneries, songs and music.

Spring Waltz Korean Drama

All four main characters are relative newcomers, who were cast in the leading role for the first time. Di Album yang Classical itu isinya permainan piano. One of the most striking differences from previous installments, is the casting. This drama is one of my favorite.

Namun Lina merasa aneh karena Jae Ha tak mengenalnya dan tak mengingat apapun tentang masa kecilnya. This is really a very very good drama. The best I ever watched so far. Great and highly recommended.

Sebenarnya, Jae Ha memiliki rahasia yang hanya keluarganya saja yang tahu. Thats why I used your picture as my screen saver for my inspiration in my everyday work I feel love when I look at your picture. Endless Love series directed by Yoon Seok-ho.

Spring Waltz OST

Spring Waltz has become one of my favorite Korean dramas. And the couple here, although fresh faces, are very endearing, espcially the lead female.

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Ia mempunyai masa lalu yang menyedihkan. This is matches Autumn in my heart in a different way.

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Spring Waltz Korean Drama

Watch Spring Waltz Eng Sub in youtube. If I have a chance to travel to Korea, I hope I am able to visit this place, mp3 english song sites especially when it is spring time. Spring Waltz is great because the characters are all sympathetic at some point and each episode leaves off with a cliffhanger.

He and his production crew reportedly hunted for the perfect island setting for months. Love this drama very much.

Lyric One Love - Spring Waltz OST

Newer Post Older Post Home. The storyline is definitely on a slightly happier note spring time perhaps? It was only much later he showed his true feelings.