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Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God by Gordon D. Fee download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Fee has clearly made an effort to help non-academic readers engage with the book, including helpful summary statements and interesting illustrations to begin each chapter. Fee describes the Holy Spirit as the renewed presence of God with his people. Fee provides a scholarly but impassioned overview of the many important roles the Spirit plays in the life of individual Christians and even more importantly, the gathered church.

For those of us who want to live in continuity with all that has been revealed in Jesus and given in the Spirit, this is an eminently practical book. The reader does need to be willing do the heavy reading required to follow the exegesis at the core of every chapter. His work is an attempt to point us back to the Bible and reinvigorate our own vision of how the Spirit mobilizes the community of believers in the local church. Salvation occurs individually, but is defined as entry into the people of God. While his approach is methodical, his goal is ultimately pastoral, and the volume is intended to be an accessible guide for churches to nurture a life of the Spirit among its members.

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The Spirit, being God himself, is a personal being, contrasting the impersonal picture of the Spirit held by many contemporary Christians. His words are a strong reminder of what God, through his Holy Spirit, intends the church to be. At almost every point he offers corrections to both points of view. It's thorough, balanced, sober, Christ-centred and built almost completely on exegesis of passages from Paul's letters. Continue reading about Gordon D.

The book is built on exegesis, but the chapters are arranged topically rather than passage by passage. Similarly, Fee emphasises that spiritual gifts were almost always expressed with the focus on the community of the people of God rather than the individual.