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Yet the gnostic gospels show that rituals existed in which women played the roles of priest and bishop. Perpetua was first thrown, and fell upon her loins.

Then Tertius and Pomponius

So did I grieve for his wretched old age. The temples of the living Lord are ye, His kingdom is within you. We went up to the tribunal. The diary of Perpetua has also been analyzed by Marie-Louise von Franz from another perspective, with a focus on Jungian interpretation.

For Thecla and Perpetua

And we stood, and gave the kiss of peace. Another Christian voluntarily joined the small group. The allusion to the Passio Perpetuae is X. Qui et stantes corroborat et prolapsis dexterma porrigit, ut saltem post facinor surgamus. She endures sexual torments and is about to be drawn between two bulls cf.

For Thecla and Perpetua the male disguise represented union with Christ. Then Tertius and Pomponius, the blessed deacons who ministered to us, obtained with money that for a few hours we should be taken forth to a better part of the prison and be refreshed. So they were called back and clothed in loose robes.