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Building on stunning

The workshop will be webcast to broaden its dissemination, including posting of the video for at least three years. Government observers will accompany the expert panel, to assist and gather information first hand.

However, despite considerable progress in treatment of certain forms of cancer, progress in reducing its mortality by conventional biomedical approaches is disappointing.

Building on stunning progress in the molecular sciences, it supports new research themes based on the application of physical sciences concepts and approaches to the major barriers in cancer reearch. Each panelist will make a minute presentation with visual aids, and the chair will give an overall summary. The above list of topics will be refined by the panel members in consultation with the sponsors at the study kick-off meeting. The chair also will have the necessary skills at leading a panel to efficiently conduct the study. The panel chair shall have sufficient stature in this field to command respect in recruitment of panelists, and make presentations of results to peers.

Each panelist will