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Plastics and Environmental Sustainability by Anthony L. Andrady download in iPad, ePub, pdf

By choosing materials which are long-lasting and high-performing, we can reduce the impact our buildings have on the environment and build a more sustainable Europe. Many different types of plastics exist with different performance levels and properties, meeting the exact needs of different applications, from corrosion resistance to thermal insulation. Constructing and renovating buildings with high energy efficiency in mind is a must. Recycling The durability of these plastic products also means that they can often be recovered for future use or kept in place. This can reduce the overall size of a building or allow for buildings with more indoor space and daylight.

They keep buildings dry and warm, ensuring comfortable living and working spaces. We have invested in new high-speed energy-efficient plastic injection molding machines specifically for these applications.

For example, when we look at the lifetime use of plastics in construction, we see that the energy saved by these products in the use phase far outweighs the energy used in their manufacture. Using these materials is essential if Europe is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

These attributes make them ideal construction products. All team members are aware and involved in helping meet our waste and scrap reduction goals. These qualities make them ideal products for construction and an essential component of the transition to a low-carbon economy. This is exactly what plastic products tend to do.

Many different types ofBy choosing materials which are

This is further complemented by their cost effectiveness over the building life-cycle. It also means that more square metres of insulation can be transported in fewer deliveries, leading to less transport emissions. It is also essential if we are to achieve a more resource efficient, circular economy. Due to their unique properties, polymers play an important role in achieving this goal. Where innovation takes form.