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Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Training your mind to think positive can be achieved by leveraging a simple concept. Thank you to NetGalley and Dutton for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Your Positive Attitude in Action It is easy to to be cheerful when everything is going according to plan. The book was also a bit repetitive and could have benefitted from better editing.

While the overall tone of the book is positive and inspirational, I had a hard time identifying exactly who the target audience would be. Discover your current level of self-confidence and how to take action toward building greater confidence in yourself with this free self-confidence assessment. But before I get into that, let me ask you a question. The Power of Positive Thinking Optimists seek the valuable lesson in every setback or reversal.

Looking on the bright side is most important when things go wrong. Decide To Be Happy Resolve from now to see your glass of life as half full rather than half empty. As a result, you develop a positive attitude.

Your Positive Attitude in

Your mind has enough bandwidth to only focus on one thought at a time. More focus would have made this a better book. Essentially, you can change your entire life simply by harnessing the power of positive thinking. Assume the best of intentions on the part of everyone around you. Your brain will actually begin to operate in a state of free-flowing feel-good hormones called endorphins, which will make you feel lighter and happier.

If you ever need an extra boost of motivation checkout my favorite inspirational quotes here. Always look for the positive response or optimistic lesson when such events take place. The book had a friendly, easy-to-identify-with tone. In this quick post, Brian Tracy shows you how to transform your life and become a more confident person by changing your thoughts. After you learn how to think positive, you will notice amazing changes all around you.

The book was also a