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This chapter contained an interesting discussion of corporate communications approaches and how those are eroded in a world in which feedback comes continuously and from all sides at once.

While the ideas are

Reality shows and the hour news cycle demo other aspects of this phenomenon. Sometimes we do need to store time for the future think of athletes who practice the same moves over and over in order to be able to execute them without a lot of conscious effort during competition.

What I most appreciated about this

What I most appreciated about this book is the many ways in which Rushkoff brings in elements of larger culture although he's heaviest on corporate culture. While the ideas are intriguing, on the whole I found this to be the least developed, and perhaps least convincing, chapter in the book. Despite those elements, I do think this book is worth reading and its ideas worth thinking about, whether or not one ultimately agrees with the author. Living quickly loses sight of longer time horizons, and different kinds of time Rushkoff discusses chronos versus kairos.