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Meanwhile, in Lady Tremaine's quarters, Jaq and Gus manage to steal the wand back and hand it over to Cinderella, while the blue birds manage to find the Prince and bring him to Cinderella. At the end, he is briefly seen reading when Jaq and Gus rush by him with a scrapbook that they plan to show Cinderella. As implied by the title, the fantasy novel Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelazny and Robert Sheckley includes sharp satire of the traditional fairy tale theme. His outfit consists of a cream royal jacket, red pants with a gold stripe, golden belt, black boots and opera gloves. He died in the Battle for the Homelands by activating a bomb to End the War.

He also carries a dagger on

Like his normal outfit, he is not seen wearing his opera gloves. He is shown to have married and slept with many of the girls in this town, among them Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. In this film, he and Cinderella are celebrating a year's worth of magic with their love stronger than ever. He was also revealed to be a romantic, once expressing that all he wants is a love as true as the one his parents had shared.

Suddenly hearing the Grand Duke's return, the Prince leaves believing him to have found the girl and prepares himself. He also carries a dagger on the left side of his waist which he uses this to slash the ship's sailing cloth to make a successful landing on the ship in order to reunite with Cinderella. The ball takes place in the King's castle that very night, where the Prince makes his first appearance.

Suddenly hearing the Grand Duke's return

But he clarifies that he truly loves Snow White and proposes to her. Now under the spell, he welcomes the Tremaines in with open arms. Appearances Cinderella Prince Charming as he appears in the original film. Soon Jaq and Gus get his attention and bring him into a sewing room.

But first she was going to help Taylor pull off the scam of the season. Lady Esther's money would enable Ross to return home to Montana.