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Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Stacy has the hots for her ex's half brother, one whom she almost confuses for the ex himself. Never have I rooted so much for the vamp, and never has it been so satisfying when she gets the last word.

Stacy also has a stick upThere was a part where

Despite this, it's not a good book. It's only different in that it's set in a ballroom rather than a kitchen.

She just seems so entitled, so sure of herself that she's hard to care for. They were perfectly choreographed with all the right moves and set the perfect tempo, fast. Stacy's a loathsome character, without her ever having committed a crime. The others are no better, they all lack personalities.

There was a part where she's fretting about the financial difficulties her studio is facing to a rival dancer. Stacy also has a stick up her bottom about how the studio needs to be run. Stacy is not the main character I wanted to read about.